supporting the business interests of the
self-employed licensees in the licensed trade

Welcome to the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA). The FLVA is a members’ organisation looking after the business interests of self-employed licensees in the licensed trade. The licensed trade can be a minefield and licensees can feel as though they are being hit from all sides: customers, suppliers, local council, the media, you name it, there always seems to be someone knocking at their door.

This is where the FLVA comes in. We have been operating for 20 years this year and offer advice, help and assistance 365 days a year in all areas affecting self employed licensees. The FLVA brings numerous benefits to its members, all of which are included in the annual membership fee. Details of the FLVA’s services are included within this web site.

Budget News

In todays budget Chancellor George Osborne has announced that The Living Wage, which starts at £7.20 next April and will rise to £9 an hour by 2020, It will be compulsory for all employees above 25 years old and replaces the minimum wage which is now £6.50 and which is to rise to £6.70 from 1st October 2015.


A series of briefings about the Small Business and Enterprise Employment Act were held in June to audiences in excess of 100 FLVA members and a number of Professional Trade Advisors and other local licensees.

Introduced by Michelle Dwan our current President, the main briefing being carried out by Operations Director Martin Caffrey who covered the principles behind the act and the potential changes for Licensees.

Delegates were advised that although much of the detail was yet to be determined through Secondary Legislation, significant changes were to be brought about including a Statutory Industry Code of Practice overseen by a Government appointed Pubs Code Adjudicator to regulate the relationship between Pub Co’s and their Tied Licensees with powers of imposing financial penalties.

The core principles within the Act are that Licensees should be treated fairly and lawfully by Pub Operating Companies and that Tied Licensees should be no worse off than Free of Tie Licensees.

The two hour briefing covered potential trigger points for the Market Rent Only option (MRO) and the currently proposed Parallel Rent Assessment (PRA) approach, a dual rent assessment document which shows, in tandem, potential scenarios of the Tied and Free of Tie Tenant quantifying the principle that Tied Tenants should be no worse off than Free of Tie Tenants.

The position in relation to Licensees on non Landlord and Tenant Act protected agreements was discussed together with those Licensees who had the protection and benefits of the Landlord and Tenant Act with potential and practical implications.

Delegates were informed that updated information will be provided on the FLVA website as it becomes available together with a commitment to hold further briefings when details emerge during the consultations regarding the all important detail of the secondary legislation.

A PRA calculator which enables licensees to personalise and quantify their particular trading circumstances is available in the member’s area of the Associations web site allowing them to make calculations and thereby, informed decisions, on the options that may be presented by their Landlord Company.

Following the success of these briefings and at the request of delegates it is anticipated that further briefings are to be held in the East and South.

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