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self-employed licensees in the licensed trade

Welcome to the Federation of Licensed Victuallers Associations (FLVA). The FLVA is a members’ organisation looking after the business interests of self-employed licensees in the licensed trade. The licensed trade can be a minefield and licensees can feel as though they are being hit from all sides: customers, suppliers, local council, the media, you name it, there always seems to be someone knocking at their door.

This is where the FLVA comes in. We have been operating for 20 years this year and offer advice, help and assistance 365 days a year in all areas affecting self employed licensees. The FLVA brings numerous benefits to its members, all of which are included in the annual membership fee. Details of the FLVA’s services are included within this web site.


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Detailed regulations were published by the government on the 14th April 2016 in respect of the proposed Statutory Code. A brief summary of the main detail is shown below.

The code will be effective immediately from the 26th May. All rent reviews, renewals or new agreements due and concluded after that date will be covered. This includes any negotiations that are currently underway.

MRO triggers are at rent review (whether upwards, static or reduction), renewal (where agreement is contracted in) or if a significant increase in price or a substantial change of circumstances surrounding the property.

Strict timescale surround the MRO request from the tenant and subsequent stages throughout the negotiation.

Any new commercial agreement reached as a result of the process must not remove security of tenure and must be for a period no less than the remaining term of the unexpired tied lease.

A waiver of the MRO option can be agreed between parties in return for a significant investment for upto a maximum of 7 years.

In general the information and training requirements that are currently provided for within the voluntary code remain but are strengthened with regard to property repair issues.

Tenancies at Will, Franchise, and short term agreements of under 12 months duration are in the main exempt from the majority of the code but training and information provision will remain at a reduced level.

The fees to take a case to the Adjudicator is £200 with a cap of £2000 on costs which a tenant may have to bear should they loose

No new agreement covered within the code can include a machine tie clause

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